Our Vision

I am extremely proud to be part of a team

I am extremely proud to be part of a team, who are keen and qualified to provide logistic and supply Services all around the Afghanistan.

After more than 7 years of being your partner in solving your logistics needs. Our distinguishing factor is our dedication to customer service. Our professional employees stand behind the products they sell and make a commitment to serve to the best of their capabilities.

It Is this valuable feature that puts us in a leading position.

We believe in quality and excellence in our services. We make individual commitments to help you achieve you organization goals.

We keep on doing our best to supply our customers with excellent products at competitive prices and provide them with professional timely and personalized service we will spare no effort in carrying out our endeavor because we know very much like our dear customers do, the satisfaction of a job well done that is our ultimate objective.
We look forward on continuing to find the logistics solutions to meet your needs.

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Afghan hope was established in the city of Kabul Afghanistan with the market demand for diesel fuel.


Afghan hope extended its operation in Jalalabad by setting up a branch in Jalalabad. It was the first step towards becoming truly national company today AH extended in Jalalabad by having ware house and professional staffs.


Afghan hope Established his second branch in Kandahar where we met our first major challenge due to the high market demand. Afghan hope rose to the occasion and become one of the largest suppliers of Diesel fuel, it set up a ware house full of generator parts in Kandahar.


Afghan hope start working with bortheran-e Haidary Construction Company as a joint venture and complete many construction projects.


Afghan hope its operation in Mazare Sharif market by establishing a branch in Mazar city and keep trying to offer best logistics and faced by any customer and it introduce Afghan hope as a trust able company in Mazar.


while focusing on improving our sales support and service, Afghan hope has extended by working many projects in different Afghan provinces of Helmand, Kunoz, Takhar and Orozgan.


To Date Afghan hope has over 50 Employees with 5 branches. Making Afghan hope one of the leading logistics companies in Afghanistan.