Supply and installation we install and service power solutions tailored to fit any need up to 2200 KVA covering both emergency diesel generators and prime power solutions . We have team of expert who listen carefully and come up with a unique solution for each project . Our staff of experienced generator professionals includes electricians and field mechanics to handle installation .service in-house load testing, Automatic transfer switch during grid


power outs and Synchronize of multiple generator units.

After sale support our schedule maintenance service consists of an inspection every 10 days a servicing every 200 hour of running time. This will provide you with the assurance that your generator will work when you need it most. We are confident we can provide you and your business with the utmost in service, quality dependability and satisfaction. A team of highly skilled Technicians are on 24 hour standby and ready for immediate deployment throughout Afghanistan.
Refurbishments we recommend you consider refurbishment at 1200 hours running time. We can overhaul your ageing generators at our workshops usually within 5 working days thus extending its and guarantee usage of genuine spare parts and a skilled workforce.
Rental from 10 KVA TO 1000 KVA free installation, quotation, delivery and collection. Generators will be inspected every 10 days and serviced every 200 hours of running time.